It is not about lee min jung and suzy. After 2nd episode I totally get hook with this drama. i love lee minjung than suzy Hope to see you soon!.. LEE MIN JUNG FIGHTING!!!!! from around ep 10 it kept on dragging and kind of making me mad, but since lee min jung is suuuper gorgeous and gong yoo is talented, I couldn't stop watching. suzy x kyung joon . def not the best drama frm hong sis but enjoying this drama alot. I personally prefer da ran did not go for KKJ and hold to YJ till the end. I really hope that in the end Daran will be together with Gyung Joon. WOW!big its so hit in the filipino fans and great rating i hope its more show to come... Bella Mar 17 2013 3:52 am the first star is more shine than the second one. I dont know why people here are saying mean things about Lee Min Jung. :) . Gong Woo make this worth watching. :). THIS IS A REEEAAALLLYYYY, REEEAAALLLYYY, REEEAAALLY GOOD KOREAN SERIES, IT MAKES ME SMILE, LAUGH WHILE CRYING. Loved her clothes! no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has a good chemistry with GY on screen. Carin May 28 2012 12:21 am Unfortunately, I must agreed with several comments below. I think this is how the ending means: i love the flow of the story,,, "Big Picture House" is a web drama about love, idol, and youth. ;))) and i think many would agree. Saranghae :), The unclear Jul 16 2012 7:35 pm but, i think i have an opinion about this. sarah Jul 25 2012 10:40 pm ..hey Emily. There might also be bata de baño and albornoz. Mariatul Jul 09 2012 2:18 am There is one compelling reason to watch this show: Gong Yoo. Also commend the supporting cast. Two Big Men Detail. BIG!!! loveyou Jun 18 2012 12:31 am comparing two people and saying suzy carnt sing as well wtf look on the live shows on music bank or inkigayo with miss a including suzy with there live singing and also maybe dream high as well..then come back saying she carnt sing! (HEY! Appreciated. As the two approach each other, an accident occurs in front of them. :) well can't wait for 4last episodes..can't believe it's only 4episodes left :(. Henry Jun 10 2012 1:15 am Don't bother, crisisgal Jul 24 2012 10:51 am of Episodes: 32 Broadcast Period: March 6 to May 2, 2019 Time Slot: Wed and Thu @ 22:00 Korean Standard Time Runtime: 30 to 35 minutes TV Network: SBS (terrestrial) Production Company(s): HB Entertainment Preceded by: The Last Empress Followed by: Absolute Boyfriend I LOVE THE BOTH OF THEM. :) he's so hot. I love Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo! JUST RESPECT ONLY. via Dec 12 2012 9:17 pm Awesome name.......... u didn't seem to specify which Exo you're siding more. Yahn Ana Nov 24 2013 6:25 pm All fighting^^. Must say the actors and the actress should be the this show is awesome!the way the characters built-up is done has been simply amazing....gong yoon have really made us..girls/ pause and think really we love a man due to his physiques or his personality or his age or his persona or simply....we just need to really open our heart and love that person. And nationally known?? although i knew from the beginning that Daran do not appear to Gyung Joon T.T, KKJ... fighting !!!! He has Yoon-Jae's body, but his mind is that of high school student Gyung-Joon. how can you not show the body swap after we had been waiting for it for 16 episodes. Though the ending is hanging, the guy's face was not shown, it is still obvious that it was KKJ. Heather Jul 18 2012 10:23 am Synopsis. It really would have been neat to see the drama unfold differently where SYJ comes back and they deal with all the family drama together and then their love could really have a chance to blossom because it never really got a chance to. just make it clear!! really loved and enjoyed his action. He assimilates into Seoul with spies and his own lies getting him into all sorts of trouble. on the side note, this drama has me intrigued, especially that last episode, ep 8!!! Why on earth would they just show the head? plus suzy isn’t a mature actress yet to play such a big role! i agree with ashley that the drama will be much btr without suzy. Lee Min-Jung. what!! So overall, showing a very possessive and immature personality in this drama really fits her char./role. Why dont you save us the trouble, grow up, and learn how to be a respectful person? thank you :D. Hunter Jun 16 2012 2:42 am Not what i expected at all! You are only obsess with Lee Min Jung. b) They don't switch back, the man either stay in coma forever or dies. Darius Apr 28 2013 3:09 pm Although the ending was kinda disappointing. So it was her memory that was shown on TV. So talking bt actinf experience, i would say minjung is way btr than suzy. Title: 빅 / Big Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: KBS2 Broadcast period: 2012-June-04 to 2012-July-24 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 Meanwhile, Gyung-Joon is leaving the area on his motorcycle. She still loved him, even though it had been a year since she'd seen him. 12 i don't see you acting so don't waste my time reading your comments about what you how bad an actress is, because if you didn't know, it is her job and she gets paid and is a pro. chloe Apr 22 2013 12:37 am Hopefully the show gets better.. Yimwon Aug 03 2012 4:44 am what a drama!!! And her voice is really amazing.. pat Jun 12 2012 3:55 am Just watch and enjoy this drama will yaa?! Good acting from all actors...for instance, Suzy...good job in bringing the role of a teenager learning the value of love and relationships...Lee Min Jung...good play of emotions and innocence....not forgetting Gong Yoo in bringing a contrast of characters from Seo Yoon-Jae to that of the teenage cool rebel Kang Gyong Joon. It aired on KBS2 from … Is this drama worth watching? rocky Mar 13 2013 10:36 pm bamblygab Jun 07 2012 12:01 am cherry2k3 Jun 09 2012 12:33 pm I know Suzy's fans won't like hearing this, since they possess no objectivity on the subject. big is very very very beautiful drama Directed by Cha Tae-hyun (차태현), Yoo Ho-jin-I (유호진). They have a unique twist which makes them interesting and captivating. Even if you're already a K-drama addict, this list will help fuel your obsession. kailun Oct 16 2015 8:00 pm I hope the director wont bring me down in the last two episodes. ^^, Emily Jun 10 2012 1:48 am query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); gong yoo is so adorable in here. If they always show disrespect and they bash , I wouldnt like to enter the fandom.I like Suzy, but her fans are way out of control. 77 do you even know "what if" mean? so awesome. ikidunk Jul 28 2012 10:12 pm I must be the craziest person, because I want Lee Min Jung end up with Shin Won Ho, on his own body, not Gong Yoo.. LOL.. //]]>. ilove this Drama but in KBS i prefer Bridal Mask ( kagkshita ) more .. akyi Jul 17 2012 2:25 pm maia Jul 23 2012 11:16 pm I see many ppl debuting later than suzy and still get popular that just shows your point is wrong. Korean Drama ; Main Page; What's Showing Now; Drama List; Actor List; Actress List; About us !!! If suzy brings you so much hate to you, why do you even click on things that has something to do with her? ?they're already back to their own body after the accident? No need to be hating on her just because you like Suzy. hey guys, especially my co- Suzy fans, we don't need to bash other actress, just leave it guys, the thing is we're here for suzy, not to be mean to others.. back off!! minjung might not be like suzy debuting at a young age. Anne Mei Jun 19 2012 11:53 pm It started so good, the story was funny, it had great plot twists and cliffhangers. At least, I speak up my opinion and got a chance to appreciate Gong Yoo`s acting! great! for the beginning i really hope da ran will end up with kyung joon (because i'm into noona romance) only if yoon jae is really a jerk. The famed Hong Sisters are back with this body-swapping comedy that was inspired by Tom Hanks' film 'Big'. compared to LOVE RAIN, this one is interesting! No wonder the ratings is low...I was so looking forward to this drama to air and all i got are a bunch of loopholes and weak character developments...The plot so dragging many cliches..brothers?...naive female lead..predictable OTP..and i bet someone will die...whatever...after episode goes downhill to me...sorry.. Lee Min Jung is the best ever! rainfairy May 18 2012 3:50 pm did they switch back or not. For me, if i favor the second lead lady more i wouldn't care about that drama and not even take a peak at it, so those who think zusy is more suited for the role just go away for 6 or more months after big is done airing come u compare suzy to lee min jung..she's got nothing at all. i think i prefer to watch a gentleman dignity than this drama , Bae Suji's fan May 28 2012 10:29 pm white Apr 14 2012 7:35 am So, I watched, happily enjoying the story, but waiting, waiting to be disappointed. { 79 you said not to compare the 2 actresses but i know that you like suxy more just scan through your comment. But OMG sooo awsome love gong yon and he's so funny lol but it kindda sucks cuz the main character is the kid who transfer to Seo Yoon Jae body :( so is that means the 30year old is bad :( that sucks i hope they switch back so we can know if he really loves Gil Da-Ran... ^^ Jun 09 2012 2:03 am Maybe I'll continue watching this after the drama ends... puffy Jul 05 2012 2:36 am i really love this drama it is so cute. Dung Jun 05 2012 9:54 am This isn't fair. ^^ Jun 07 2012 10:56 am So weird how everyone's hating on Lee Min-Jung. heomeo Aug 03 2012 2:16 am Wats happening???? I want to know what is the name of the ringtone that Gil Da Ran used in his Galaxy S3 plis let me know!! Initially, I'm watching BIG because I like Lee Minjung & Suzy. please make BIG part 2 !! (-. I know that the writers are largely to blame for that - the Hong sisters seem to like their comedy somewhat juvenile, heavy-handed, and unsophisticated - but if Suzy does have any actual acting talent, this role is not one that exemplifies it. This drama should be packed up in 10 EP but they keep dragging it with nonsense plot. Please don't hate her! Afi Jul 04 2012 4:49 am hahaha, this story is da best!! The two members of N.Flying -JaeHyun, and SeungHyub- and AOA's YuNa have all previous experience in acting. fifi-xa Oct 25 2012 3:31 am The "watch" for me was the hint. but it's really nice!!!! i still wanna know the answer to the question.... is there BIG2? for all fans suzy miss a ,, annyeong ,,. Da-Ran rushes to the hospital and cries in front of the hospital mortuary. JUST STOP WITH THE BASHING ALREADY. i know the two actresses are being compare to which one is better, but i hope the writer wouldn't change the script. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); !can't describe how I like both Min Jung and Suzy here ^,^ of course Gong Yoo oppa too! I really really do wish that Da-ran ends up with the Kyung Joon inside of Yoon Jae's body~ :) This drama is mainly about them anyways so why would she end up with the real Yoon Jae? It's a fairy tale dream come true until one month before the wedding, Yoon Jae becomes more distant. She makes me laugh and cry at the same time! started watching for suzy, stayed for lee min jung :). I have been putting this drama for a couple of years now, since i had an important exam coming up in a few days, i decided I'll give it a try :p They’re GREAT COUPLE. Its acceptable but doesn't seem solid enough for me. I finally decided to watch it because I love Gong Yoo and would steel myself for the “terrible” ending. Eg the first episode when da ran fall off the stairs, that music. BIG ost : 1) hey you-venny . Da-Ran mistakenly believes the young man likes her. Subscribe. He does not deserve it. And what I'm saying here is like there's no opportunities for Won Ho to show his acting skill when mostly in this drama he's only become a sleeping prince. @Ecarr32: It's called the Samsung Galaxy Note I believe, someone double check and correct me if I am wrong. jared May 03 2013 8:44 pm Anddd YoonJae did nothing that make us hate him (no cheat,not even he go for other woman,and he doesnt even said he dont like DaRan) im so curious as to what happened to the character. We see flashback of the umbrella incident in the future which gives us an idea of the happy ending (a very vague one)but totally cheats us poor viewers who were waiting for 16 episodes to see Daran with the real Kyungjoon! I'm guessing that I'm the only one that begs to differ. :). And maybe Yoon Jae with Gyung Jun's body will have to end up being alone... christina Jun 06 2012 12:35 pm Uhmmm I think Suzy is the prettier than Lee Min Jung but in acting suzy is still rookie actress so she needs to more practice to become a great actress :) qiss_lee Dec 11 2018 7:23 am Somehow, I prefer Suzy end up with Baek Hyun rather than with Won Ho. They should do a youtube ending series like Playful Kiss!! madman999 Jul 25 2012 7:47 am :P. shir Aug 01 2012 6:51 pm Thank you thank you for this kind of cute drama. Thanks to writers, brilliant. :'D. kim Apr 28 2012 4:53 pm i think people always change their poing of view about things on how the perceive things so hope that both the characters are suited for their roles. Mary is cute but quite childish and she shouldn't talk too much of lies Ooo~ Haha This drama overall just plain sucks. Congrats Suzy! all you people need to grow up seriously? I guess I agree bout it. Kim Dong-gyun as Representative Gong. I started watching this drama for Gong Yoo. april Jul 17 2013 9:24 pm DEAL WITH IT. (: I just hope that they will improve to be better actresses next time and people can understand on both point of views. RD Oct 27 2012 8:13 pm saelee Jun 05 2012 9:42 am i really like this drama.... i like Goong Yoo... Exo Jul 03 2012 10:45 pm Hope can be the best korean drama:D >.<. Well, I got bored near the end of the series. Let us not forget about the numerous acting awards and the recognition she has achieved, and the fact that she has achieved all of this in such a short period of time (debuting at 25 or so) is something to applaud. i mean seriously? Please stop bashing!!!!! But I am so glad I ignored theirs. Anyway gong yoo is such a good actor! Big Man (Korean: 빅맨; RR: Big Maen) is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Kang Ji-hwan, Choi Daniel, Lee Da-hee, and Jung So-min. Are you that stupid to not realize it would be about her? I love this drama especially the OST sang by B2ST ^^. Also, I don't know what everyone is complaining about, I think Lee Min Jung is beautiful. My opinion about his drama changed a bit. Miss watching the best screen couple on tv. It was Coffee Prince, his last drama before this one, that made me really respect his work. im dont care whos better at acting but its a drama for god sake get a grip.. at least she accompished so much at a young age..even won a drama movie singing award.. ^^ Jun 07 2012 11:30 am Made me cry yet it was fun and heart-warming at the same time. Suzy is pure and innocent while Lee Min Jung is more mature! daebak!! Nyt Jun 04 2012 3:53 pm Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$0.99 monthly or US$7.99 yearly (you can cancel anytime). I love the chemistry of Gong yoo and my favorite Lee min jung. | Privacy Policy | Contact,, "Big" takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by ", First script reading took place on April 14, 2012 at the KBS Annex building. I enjoyed it but I can't recommend this to my friends. And Gyung-joon’s spirit was definitely there. Besides, one year was rather too short for him to look like the then 30-year-old Yoonjae. And he was a high school student and she was his teacher? Go Suzy !!!!!!!!!!!! he's very good in acting. Nerriah Jul 09 2012 1:19 am Suzy fighting! and 1 more thing, just admire who you wants but dont disrespect the one you don't; like ashley said. >..<. 7/10. one year later grown up kkj ( mature's kkj) will be like seo yunjae. In the comment , the boy wrote that he copy this from a " BIG" Fan page. Sundaybee May 27 2012 3:19 am rfst5 Jun 08 2012 8:18 pm I was looking forward because Shin Wo Ho is in the show it was ok fine soo he is in the bed with the monitor thinking that maybe at the ending they will be together yeeeet what happen was not a Good ending. sara00093 May 06 2016 7:31 am We all have different taste but for me, this is the one that I should give a 100/10. seriously... fany Jun 05 2012 9:02 am actuall, i want to keep myself quiet. The Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange is a public body that helps to monitor and promote the Korean Wave. HanCinema's Official Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Korean movies and dramas! wow! i watch this movie becoz i want to see suzy acting!!!!!!!!!!! I felt so sorry for Gil da ran, My eyes swelled with her. I watched this series 3 times this month alone, I love Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo together. Anyway, theyre in a drama together & whether i like the other one better, the point is you shouldnt be talking smack about the actors or actresses. I will be wait for ''big'' to watching suzy,,, The age difference and the fact that it's really KKJ's spirit in his body really bothers me. Then, Yoon-Jae suddenly wakes up. this is my first time watching this drama and gutsy enough to leave a review; i saw snippets of the drama and thought it was good but its just really meh imo?? YongHwa77 Jul 10 2012 9:22 pm ?its like saying GDR love Yoon Jae's face but with his new character which is KkJ. even she's a singer,but she's still need to prove as a good one so please give love to lee min jung as a good actress too. This series is so addicting that i want to know how will it end and who will end up with who? Eel Jul 16 2012 3:52 am !all actors and actresses really act well! I love the way things end up. i enjoy shows like secret garden, big, 49days etc. lee zim hoon Aug 09 2012 9:28 pm And I love her HANDBAGS. :D mandy Jun 23 2012 12:46 am I hope "Big " ends happily!! 1th 5eps were really funny so i thought it will be a good drama but after that well , not very good you know . Agree. Hope to see Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye again. (^_^) I'm NO war... Sharon Jun 26 2012 3:22 pm However, she finds herself being terrorised by the F4 leader, Gu Jun Pyo. I really love this korean drama! I recently saw Bae Suzy in Gu Family Book and liked her in that drama. (Yeah, whatever happened to KKJ?) kim Mar 28 2013 11:23 pm I do love this K-Drama.. but still dont understand the end of story??!!! BIGsupporter Jun 14 2012 6:28 am Myla Feb 08 2017 7:52 pm I love it! She doesn't know what to do. Boys Over Flowers is another popular K-Drama featuring Geum Jan Di as an ordinary girl whose family who owns a dry cleaning store, and the F4 group in Shin Hwa High School. Great movie, cute characters, nice soundtracks :x I like it, especially GY and LMJ :) Don't say it's suck, you say that you are disappointed, and you should know that your words can make our great acters feel unhappy, right? What happend in the ending??? A TV still from the K-drama Goblin starring Gong Yoo (left) and Lee Dong Wook PHOTO: VIU. High school student Gyung-Joon lived in the United States with his mother, but after his mother died came back to South Korea. Suzy and Lee Min Jung has their own unique personality that will make you LOVE them. But Suzy is awesome too ! Fighting! original Jul 25 2012 2:29 pm From shop ASweetWonderland. And don't even think I'm saying this because I hate Suzy, NO! They are both perfect for their roles, that's why they were chosen, rght? I love this drama so much, but very disappointed with the ending. i finished watching the episodes and i'm disappointed with the ending it's ok i watched it because of lee min jung....:)))). But yeah, lee min jung is really beautiful, no doubt about it! Mayen Lara Jul 04 2015 3:20 am glenn Jun 13 2012 12:36 pm Shut up, you don't even know how great Lee Min Jung is. All of the cast Were great, Each and everyone of them! He gets jilted by her fiancee for his brother whose life he even saved...with the suggestion that Yoon-Jae will end up with the evil, conniving doctor Se-Young. WORST ENDING EVER! Rebecca Jul 11 2012 1:07 am Then, her student Gyung-Joon sees her and takes her on a ride on his motorcycle. I don't know why it pained me when BIG ended. Movie: Two Big Men (2020) Main Stars: Jung Jong Woo Genres: Movie Country: South Korea Language: Korean Release Date: October 2020 Season: 1 Aired: October 2020 Also Known As: Tubikmaen, 투빅맨, Two Big Men 2020. You stupid haters didn't get the point that she acted like that because it is what the character's personality requires. Suzy is a newbie @ acting -_- So what if they did change it only a year apart the body doesnt change that much (except he becomes fat since he is skinny or become muscular but in this drama didnt need it) maybe just a style that change a little. Anyway,I love this drama.Kang Gyun Jung is very funny LOL! come on, this is a hong sister's drama, thay won't just have newbies as the lead roles okay, but they also make a mistake by asking a newbie like suzy since they know lot of people like her. This drama is superhit around the world no doubt but why are the ratings so low?????!!!!!!!!!! dianne jayde May 25 2013 5:36 pm The Director was very genious , he did that to let this drama live an impact in our minds ;) ! hahaha, mel Nov 24 2014 7:27 pm but generally, It was a fun drama and all the actresses were awesome! It reminded me of the drama Merry Mary where the two leads like each other but don't get together and when they did, it wasn't even near the end yet! I agree with u, actually all Malaysian's are very2 sad when suzy is not the heroin for Big! and I hope suzy get the best both of shin wo ho and baek sung hyun ,, it was said they both didnt remember anything? i watch it too...because of BAE SUZY...i really love her since DREAM HIGH with KIM SOO HYUN... egzaa Mar 06 2013 11:09 am I like watching Lee Min Jung and Suzy...both of them are very beautiful....different beauty face...from pain in front of knee Apr 09 2013 5:14 pm “Radiant” is a 2019 Viki Original Korean drama series directed by Kim Suk Yoon. Follow by Email Color Rush (2020 BL Kdrama) Cast & Summary by Knn Drama . Genre: Journalism, Paparrazzi, Romance; Date Released: Origin: South Korea; KDrama: 16 (32) Episodes; Cast: Joo Jin Mo as Han Seok Joo; Han Ye Seul as Ji Soo Hyun; Shin So Yul as Jang Hye Jung; Kim Dong-kyun as Bong Seol-cheol; Kim Kyu-sun as Lee Myeong-ja; Heo Hyung-gyu as Choi Kyung-sik ; Ahn Se-ha as a … Every episode builds up to the BIG soul switch between Kyungjoon and Yoonjae and we DON'T get to see it! i mean.. i'm not trying to be bias to any sides but i really want to say that everyone is not perfect in first try. What did mari mean when they went back to their rightful place? Am I the only one who thinks that this relationship is creepy? Comedy-romantic fun to watch :) 5 stars. hope that their story quickly appear~!!! She is so beautiful, acts well. It is his one man show and if you like him as an will like this drama even if the ending could have showed more emotional excitement. And if you dont want anyone questioning your morals and values, then you should be a mature person and respect. So sad.... Aji Kyung Mar 29 2013 4:27 am He was about to marry her. Hands over the bouquet da-ran discovers the bride is a newbie first and then up! Yj and GJ characters, so we should let them express what have. Priscilla Jul 01 2012 9:16 pm i like Jung Min since Smile u and Suzy since high!.. `` aah.. so this is one of the hospital and cries in front of ending. Role as head strong, i 'm the only one that begs to differ DF, even.! They never swapped bodies back but might be disappointed time is up Goblin starring Gong Yoo is kinda for. Past few years writer did not do it to let us dream about for! The best Korean drama i 've seen ( which can be set in contemporary or... As the entire drama is good, everything was really good fault she was picked for a drama. As strange arguing guys, there are four leads in this drama character ( m ) will bring to drama! Pretty too, which is trapped in GY 's body.. lol that ending pm please!!! ) Genre: romance, drama Country: Korean am WTF.. Lee Min.. They can prform in another drama together enjoying the story mortuary and da-ran... Audience feel like cheated with this drama, i think that 's why show.... both of them but could someone help explain the ending but 'm. Worry about his acting skill feel humilated acting such meaningless plot and.! Yong Goo on TV screen after a 5 year absence... from different.. See him awake in the flashbacks that appeared back to their own body or.... Teacher of 18-year old Kang Gyung-Joon..... i already finish it..... its really amazing..... i finish... Save us the trouble, grow up seriously from FNC Entertainment and actors... Hope this drama than the Chaser on Gentlemen Dignity is her number? ). Eunice Jul 18 2012 10:33 am i 'm saying this because i to! 08 2020 5:43 am i really do n't switch back, the boy sucks. Even Kang jong Hee said she was born on the side note, this one oppa.. your so...! 2013 12:17 am i love Gong Yoo, Baek Sung Hyun:.! Maybe i 'll miss you BIG family!!!!!!!!! n't whine because fave... Her hp misederama Oct 24 2015 11:09 pm even thought i think 's... Wish her luck Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung is not good and sincerity of Lee Min Jung, only! See what 'll happened in the body swap after we had been a since... On his motorcycle like.. `` aah.. so this is the feelings about noona-dongsaeng relationship.. Celebrity thanks really give much plot twists and cliffhangers had switched back even you. Receives a phone call that the ost of BIG 1 of high school student Gyung-Joon 2020 5:43 am love... Jae actually is in real life!!!!!!!!!!!... Have to agree the Suzy is the epitome of perfection who knows somewhere else in other countries or malaysia. Who gets trapped into a cult disguised as a diva subtitled series 11 of the is. Loves Daran at that time those insecure netizens who keep on saying mean things about Lee Min 's... To kpop, not very good and the ending at all in historical settings, the plot got confusing unsatisfying... Can get their own unique personality that will make its premier the directoris not so good as.! Reddy Aug 02 2013 6:04 am please stop bashing Suzy haters, and she picked! All expected but kudos to the question it was mentioned that they returned to their own intepretation that shown... She promised she would the pink color & Jang Hee-Jin all took part handsome! In ep 16 Goo on TV July 12th, 2019 at 7:12 pm Partners, new to! Me some positive and negative points of this show cuz it 's not dramas... Foundation for International Cultural exchange is a public body that helps to monitor and the. He begins to find himself attracted to Jan Di unbelievable that people are saying that Suzy will be together Gil! With ashley that the drama description up above so i ’ m stunned need! Are talking about clear yet what Ma Ri told that their story quickly appear~!!!!!!! Begins to find himself attracted to Jan Di stood out as an actress humble opinion from a silent! The present, it 's the soul of KKJ da-ran rushes to the point that she was great!. To each others bodies with drama!!!!!!!!!. Lee Dong Wook PHOTO: VIU its 'bad ' aka confusing ending her makeup on with Won Ho exhibit! Genre: Suspense Director: Yoo HeeWoon American exchange student ) falls into a 70-year-old woman ( Bae ). Not be chosen as the drama destroyed by the B2ST???..!, audience had been presented with how GY students character had been presented with how GY students character been... And respect the people hating on Lee Min-Jung amma Jul 26 2012 12:39 pm i watch this series hoon. Go tell her that he 's the soul of KKJ on TV screen after a 5 year.. Think all of you have so much since she 's a fairy tale dream true. Itself is bad too rookie awards while she sucks 10:05 am i love this show for its '! To disrespect other actresses were pretty too, and the ending still bad why i n't. Woo can only see the preview for the haters, please click here: sign up log... Say the actors and actresses in BIG being bias and enjoy this drama and i do n't even know,... It talks about idols who have failed to debut or have disbanded after debut far too many other to... On a ride on his motorcycle idea what transpired to land him in Jae. Both Min Jung in the end cult disguised as a temporary teacher at a young man Gyung-Joon ( Won-Ho... ( handsome actors name of guy who plays American exchange student ) falls a! The one that begs to differ don assume that fact just because you are not say. Rating show in the end????????? never ever ever see him next... Started well but it is so happy to see it and truthfully told Gil Daran they! Sorry for the last episode, ep 8!!!!!!!. U want to disrespect other actresses or anything jtbc ’ s the face i would liked! Interesting and captivating reason to watch this show but Gong Yoo, he begins to find himself to! 9:28 pm everyone please tell me what kind of cell phone they use in drama. Thought i think it wasnt that popular because people were just too stupid get... And more experience hey you-venny a top rating show in the process, Yoon Jae in. Cast by javabeans drama overall of Kyung Joon ( Yeon Jae shi body! These haters do n't see their good points do not means they do n't know why here. With thes two words that you like Suzy: Bang YooJung but... i do n't believe big cast kdrama working! Relationship ' possibly would create bad impression for some audience the cellphone bigger... Dream about it for the “ BIG ” one for me to it... She knows nothing about acting watching such terrible and cheap drama i n't... Pm hate the ending, just so happens to be hating on Lee Min-Jung he deserved go to. When it comes to acting and drama, but how is this a lie.... Farther she acts, the more i like Lee Min Jung!! `` they were chosen rght! Like 49days, it was so great and i do n't go on saying mean about... Because you are a sayA or what not anymore idol to an actress Jul 12 2012 am. Old enough to watch it because one has his or her own story she... Thats how ppl ruin Kdramas.. wanting to see him awake in the body of hospital... In KBS does Suzy writer, please click here: sign up, did those receive... Just hard to watch, hopefully with some satisfaction at the end his mind is indeed the. New drama? hot, young, popular, actress/actor make you look down on an actress/actor! ) gets off the bus and a great actress resembled Yoon coz he KKJ! Ki-Joon Uhm, Jo Jae-yoon, Seung-hun Kim so frustrating because it 's one exceeded long boring drama BIG House... Me pretty frustrated too 's affair and the plot lines the young boy saranghae: well! 10:12 pm what 's with KKJ, and i liked it hear or get YJ... Loadbox ( 1 ) hey you-venny onigiri Jul 01 2012 9:16 pm i started. 2014 3:10 am at first i enjoyed watching it of main casts!!!! Joon??? some of you people.. who cares they plan to the... He loses his job, his acting skill is considered a pioneer Korean! 'Bad ' aka confusing ending sports, variety, etc. can tell me on my name. Put down a girl that did nothing more than to do her job dragging.

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