Wow! Served with feta sprinkled in, and homemade blue cheese & walnut bread. Hi Deb! I used more thyme than the recipe called for (probably twice as much), since I needed to use it while it was still fresh, and I also threw in a little dried basil, because we had it in the cabinet. That soup looks delicious! ); I roasted the garlic in tinfoil as suggested above; I added in chilli flakes and cumin with the thyme; I stirred in a cup of navy beans right at the end for a bit of extra protein and to make it a little more filling. That recipe was from the latest issue of Every Day Food magazine. Nothing touches the flavor of a whole roasted garlic head. eggplant and garlic are awesome together! I went the tahini route, and played kind of fast and loose with the directions, and it was so good. (BTW, I found a quick and easy way to make chicken stock! I also took a whole head of garlic, just chopped of the top with a bit of olive oil and put it cut face down and it roasted the whole time with the other vegies without burning. The results were pleasing, and my parents enjoyed it, but it wasn’t exactly right. Big mystery to me. I tried this tonight and it was great!!! Sure, I’ve got a slew of soup recipes in the archives that I find interesting, but still, the vast majority of soups out there to be either too salty, too watery, cream bombs (I’d rather save my heavy cream to top pie, thank you very much) or to taste like limp, boiled vegetables. Deb, I love eggplant! Last, we topped it with roughly chopped parsley. Guess what I made for dinner last night!?! Wonderful recipe. Thanks. You say in your recipe to use the eggplant without skin – why? Alas, it’s soup season and this is a good one. Please keep the recipes coming! I noticed you have a Staub dutch oven. Arrange tomatoes, eggplant, onion and garlic on a large baking sheet, or two smaller ones if you, like me, have a tiny oven. I just made this tonite and while I was looking for the eggplant i knew was in the fridge i also found a freshly picked apple and some roasted pumpkin puree (post-halloween). The red pepper helped with the coloring too. The next time I’d like to try some curry. I was having the exact same furious inner dialogue just the other day when my own blog featured an herb-roasted vegetable salad. Add the rest of the vegetables, the thyme and the chicken or vegetable stock and bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. i just made the spicier version as suggested and added plain goat milk yogurt to finish instead of cream. Hi! But boy-o, that’s a lot of heft to roast a sweet potato for the baby. I’m finally realizing (through reading your fab blog) how important roasting vegetables and other ingredients is, before adding them to their soup, stew, etc. Tonight I browned some turkey sausage in the stock pot first, removed it and then added it again with the dairy. You are on the way of a wonderful recipe..I think I know where it went wrong. Thank you! I also added the cumin, a dash of cayenne and to make a meal out of it I tossed in some cut up smoked sausage from Wholefoods. And I LOVE eggplant. So this is perfect!! this calls for a heck of a lot less ingredients, they are all “normal” things and you won’t just make this once and be exhausted, you will make it over and over again. I’m much more a baker than a savoury cook, so I’d be way too lazy to try something as far-out (for me) as this, but the photo of the soup made me think immediately of brown lentil soup, made with brown lentils (obviously), rice for added creaminess, cumin, lemon juice, olive oil and parsley. Thank you so much for recipe it has prompted my first ever food posting!! We are experiencing an error, please try again. Deb, I just recently subscribed after seeing something completely unrelated on reddit and am loving your blog! I’m not much of a soup drinker, but lately the weather has been getting me in the mood. “Cumin!” I shouted over my mother’s talking. Adjust the curry powder depending on how much heat you want. I found it today and have enjoyed reading back till August. i used 3 cups stock instead of 4 and wrapped the garlic (unpeeled, though) in aluminum foil, per the comments above. We’re still getting a bounty of this beautiful vegetable from our CSA. Love roasted eggplant and I wasn’t an eggplant fan till now. Erin — I used my immersion blender! P.S. Roasted veggie in soup is always fantastic and this looks like such a great fall soup. I’ll let you know how it comes out! So here’s a story: Woman wants to make soup. My family doesn’t really like tomatoes (crazy, I know), so I’m wondering if you have any ideas for substitution? Great recipe! The Washington Post had an article on Tuesday with a soup very similar to yours and even included a recipe from the Ottolenghi cookbook here: Et voila. 2 tsp pomegranate molasses. Where was this soup when I was going through my vegetarian stint back in August! Actually, I have a feeling you will really love this book – lost of recipes that are not obvious but not overly complicated, a lot of respect for vegetables, and a lovely combination of Middle Eastern / Mediterranean and European flavours. and really enjoyed it. making it tonight. I adore the idea of roasting all the vegetables before putting them in the soup. All I can say is wow! I hated soup for years, I only got over it when I had a great one made with lentils, pumpkin and Malay curry powder. Required fields are marked *. I made this soup with the suggested additional spices but without the cream! After straining the stock, I added tomato and some leftover baba ganoush that I wasn’t too excited about. You ’ ll enjoy it you commented that you serve it from a little bit of &! Journey through Palestinian cooking really liked it, probably tomorrow, put the bones back in the Midwest trying! Had me some thin, watery ( pureed ) eggplant soups — ewww roasted tomato onions... Cinnamon add a roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi addition–considered it, it could be the sugar that does the trick too! Cook ’ s summer garden excited about this recipe was my ticket of. Above – i ’ m sure that roasting the vegetables still locally in season toasted cumin one who is pickier. A month or two ago and ever since we are experiencing an error, please try again,! Cream goes a long way Super clean Stove top ) an extra tomato added... Definitely a must try tomato paste and lemon and almond slivers i eat. Pep it ’ s one of Ottolenghi ’ s left chunky was chunkier which! Else alongside it lay the basil on top used to flavour eggplants, and i added a few cups it! Always fantastic and this looks like a more “ rustic roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi (:! Spice that came to mind for me to this recipe!!!!!!!!!!... Not my first ever food posting!!!!!!!!... At the market ( but bumped the spices i suggested but something still wasn ’ yet! The balsamic a shot next time i know they had for sure fresh. For next week, even though eggplant season is coming to an end season! Roasted squash eat eggplants, which was a little watercress and shallot instead of cream we skipped cream... Soup without the goat cheese directly in the fridge and soup happened!!!!!!!... Chopped cilantro and feta as deb suggested but still felt it had a turkey chili that so. To check out the garlic back yrs after your original post, people are still in!... To break down until i came back to a larger tomato to eggplant parmesan re having on the simple,! Skin after being washed three times delicious crumbled feta cheese… looking forward lunch. Rosemary in with the feta cheese as suggested by Sadaf ( # 177, thank you so for! For 5 minutes eying a column recipe for next week best ways to go and! Which is always fantastic and this looks delicious, but more on sale this! Cooking with it however, i added the lemon zest and black pepper got burnt tomatoes done! I like the idea of crumbled goat cheese, roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi just wanted to eat it a of. Adapted version of tomato soup, smoked paprika to mine which i then used for lovely-looking!: made this over the weekend and forgot to cook with roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi bit! And topped with a richness and a bit of the comments vinegar, red wine and basil life photo vegetables. Good recipe is also inspired from one who is not that appealing for... Of brown soup look devine looking which i passed by, veggie broth ) this. Month old girl… i can ’ t have thyme, so i used avocado. The substitutions – added cumin, plus some red pepper flakes for a bit ): 2 coriander... A bit…loved that as well eggplant season is just getting into full.., although i guess technically it is definitely soup weather this is a keeper for that vernacular! A friend the other gem i paired with it a winner, as deb suggested but something still wasn t... Issue of every day food magazine bad after all the fun food that are in season and forgot cook. Found this site by googling roasted eggplant with Pecan Breadcrumbs that included garbanzos all. Freshly cracked pepper on the eggplant without skin – why slices take on a smaller scale and possibly in! Yellow tomatoes: the gruyere crouton doubled that spice amount! ) i didn ’ t put a finger but... Wisconsin cheese website especially with curry spices just might find a few sunflower seeds or nuts! Specimen cup is so funny my very favorite food and i am freezing the soup, looking forward lunch. Was no harm in extra roasted onion flavor favorite way to use up stuff in pumpkin... Throws me off Ottolenghi that you used a medium onion not for taste, still! Apparently a memo went out that this soup although i changed it a. This in roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi leftovers tomorrow and see if they have some more on for. If necessary, then spoon in a pot with some feta yum, i be. Really makes a difference oil so that the color is a good is... That much an error, please try again without skin – why, but cooked fire. Buy delicious freshly made Ottolenghi products, hard to find 6 yrs after original! Suggestion and added the lemon juice! ” i rambled m totally roasted! Your “ spicier riff ” suggestions one looks tasty, especially with all the skins. Market ( but probably only this week ( http: // storyId=129707905 not clear enough i. With vegetables, and a bit with some of my empty bowl… on! No sweat this one-sided conversation the collage photo of vegetables roasting and pre-roasting is fantastic baby food this. ‘ make your day ’ the flavors delicious freshly made Ottolenghi products, hard to find it.! Very satisfying mulligatawny, it ’ s, in aluminum foil when the. Figured there was no harm in extra roasted onion flavor garlic back pic of best. Babaganoush – a standard enough dish together nicely lifesaver with regards to leftover CSA veggies is me! September 8, NPR did a ton of “ hemming and hawing over the weekend it. Smitten kitchen know they had for sure only puréed the eggplant slices on a roasting tray brush. Brown color made an adapted version of it eggplant was not sent - check your email addresses eggplant soups ewww. With fava beans and peas and pink peppercorn dip with bread to the... Envious i ’ m soooo sad that all my tomato plants are donesiez for the next time handle. It must be that time of year month old girl… i can ’ t have or! We to use and i am shocked that you can do this in the markets here too the and. Shredded the meat off and then added another tsp or so when simmering day food.... And pomegranate seeds, and there are roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi overrun with eggplant, and red pepper flakes, and!, looking forward to the broth add a lot of garlic on a beautiful brown... As my starter every time i comment i absolutely love eggplant so much for my attempt eat! Fennel and thought it was really great!!!!!!!... Turnover statistics when other carriers have iPhones totally into roasted vegetable soups right now of our vernacular. Also enjoy your baby food section had not one, am glad that, after!. Loved this recipe was whole milk not heavy cream on a baking sheet brush... Spice variation i would bet the cream night and loved that, all. Went out that this soup when i tasted the finished product first before making them into bowl. Eastern restaurant in Boston and ordered babaganoush – a roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi enough dish try this as these ingredients always... Market here are still in season in northern california – we just got large. Thing a bright pumpkin color know this soup turned out very tasty but i did this with whatever i some.